Three Mexican soldiers killed in Guerrero

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Three soldiers have been killed and three others have been wounded after an attack in the municipality of Coyuca de, reported Wednesday the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena). The news of the aggression against the military comes less than 24 hours after they murdered Abel Montufar candidate for local deputy and mayor with a license from that municipality in southern Mexico.

The soldiers went to a ranch on Tuesday after receiving an anonymous report from men carrying firearms. Upon arriving to verify the information, a group of unidentified men opened fire on the military. The Sedena has announced that it is in coordination and patrolling with authorities of the three orders of Government to find those responsible. The three wounded elements were taken to different military hospitals in the area, but no further details on their health status have been offered.

The Coordination Group of Guerrero, in charge of ensuring security in the State, investigates whether there is a relationship between the ambush of the military and the murder of Montúfar. “It is still early to confirm, but we will not rule it out either,” spokesman Roberto Álvarez Heredia told the Mexican press. “There is an ongoing operation to find the aggressors of both the soldiers and the municipal president,” Álvarez Heredia added.

My deepest condolences to the families of our comrades who lost their lives and were injured in the fulfillment of their duty, after being assaulted by unknown individuals in Coyuca de Catalán, Guerrero.

“My deepest condolences to the families of our comrades who lost their lives and were injured in the line of duty, after being assaulted by unknown individuals in Coyuca de”, lamented General Salvador Cienfuegos, head of the Sedena, in his twitter account. The body of generals, chiefs, officers and troops of the Army and Air Force of Mexico have joined the condolences in a statement.

Montúfar, the politician of the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), was shot dead in the vicinity of Coyuca de, in the area known as Tierra Caliente, one of the most violent in the country. The PRI, who had publicly denounced that he received threats just last Sunday, left his campaign home in the neighboring city of Altamirano without escorts and was shot on board his truck.

The candidate for local deputy is the eighteenth politician killed in Guerrero since last September, according to the consultancy Etellekt. In no other State of Mexico have there been so many politicians murdered during this period and no other political group has received more attacks the PRI, according to the Etellekt report. “We strongly condemn the murder of our friend Abel Montúfar,” said René Juárez, who was governor of Guerrero from 1999 to 2005 and was named the national president of the PRI less than a week ago.

Violence has set off alarms in the elections in Mexico, with 28 violent deaths of politicians during this election campaign. The country comes from one of the most violent years of its recent history, breaking all records of murders in the last two decades in 2017. The government of Enrique Nieto of the PRI exceeded 104,000 cases of homicide and ousted last April. the administration of his predecessor Felipe Calderón, who initiated the so-called war against drug trafficking and which registered more than 102,000 homicides in six years.

José Antonio Meade, a PRI candidate for the presidency, acknowledged this week in a television interview that Peña Nieto’s mandate has left a serious security problem in the country. “Crime has clearly exceeded us, nothing happens when the law is violated,” admitted Meade, who is in the third place in most polls that measure the pulse of the presidential race.

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