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Ready-mix Concrete: Introduction

Ready-mix concrete is a concrete prepared in the batch plants that are situated proximity to the construction sites and projects. Ready-mix concrete is a defined recipe mixture of portland cement, sand, water & aggregates. Each batch & lot of ready-mix concrete is tailor-made according to the requisites of the construction contractor. The preparation of ready-mix concrete and its logistics through a transit mixer empowers the execution of precise & accurate concrete availability in the construction project, making it durable, solid and dependable. Ready-mix concrete is especially advantageous when little amounts of concrete or irregular application of concrete mixtures are required. Ready-mix concrete is turning over a perfect solution for complex jobs where space is restricted or there is no place for a blending plant and inventories.

Ready-mix concrete is being favored over conventional concrete mixture because of usability, more economy, greater convenience, and better quality. Moreover, ready-mix concrete enables low wastage, low cost of inventory, and proficient usage that will lead to bringing down of the overall capital expenditures cost, which thus will expand the ready-mix concrete demand space over the long-term scenario. Key advantages of ready-mix concrete include low labor & administering cost, and uniformity in quality. Ready-mix concrete is a kind of concrete that enhances durability and maintainability. Ready-mix concrete is a simpler alternative for traditional cement as purchasing the base materials separately and testing each time by taking care of and proportioning, isn’t included.

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Ready-mix Concrete: Market Dynamics

An expansion in big infrastructural projects is impelling the consumption of ready-mix concrete because of its exceptional USP’s such as its high quality and convenience use. The timeline constraints put upon new infrastructural projects in the urbanized economies is creating a demand potential for ready-mix concretes. Additionally, ready-mix concrete gives lessened cracking tendencies, shrinkage, and less volume change, prompting its expanded selection. With expanding urbanization, advancement of new urban cities, and re-establishment of old foundations in built-up urban communities, ready-mix concrete is the only choice amongst the end users. Likewise, growing in the number of smart cities across the globe is creating huge demand space for ready-mix concretes. Despite its expanding development and popularity, ready-mix concrete has its unmistakable risks related to occupational safety. The labors working in this sector encounter the dangers that arise during the fabrication of ready-mix concrete, as well as during its logistics to the building site. Limited timespan efficacy of the ready-mix concrete is a major stumbling factor in its growth. With robust growth and implementation of residential, commercial and civic infrastructure construction projects, the consumption of required construction materials is expected to take shape in a significant manner via calling for a healthy amount of ready mix concrete.

Ready-mix Concrete: Region Wise Trends

China accounted the lion share in ready-mix concrete market, expansion & refurbishment of old structures such as airports, railway terminals to name a few along with the development of implementation of novel infrastructural projects are the key forces implicit behind the consumption of ready-mix concrete. Other Asian countries such as India, South Korea, and Indonesia among others are focused on the development of smart cities. For instance, the Indian government launches a smart city project plan in 2015 which is having estimated funding of US$ 14 million. This kind of initiatives is creating substantial demand space for ready-mix concrete for the long term. The Construction industry is in the mature phase in North America & Western Europe, refurbishment of old structures & development of new commercial spaces are the key driving factors for a ready-mix concrete market in the region. The growing tourism industry in LA & MEA is creating huge growth opportunities for ready-mix concrete suppliers & distributors.

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Examples of some of the market participants in the Global Ready-mix Concrete identified across the value chain include:

  • Vicat SA
  • Lafarge
  • Barney & Dickenson, Inc.
  • CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V.
  • Holcim Ltd.
  • Heidelberg Cement
  • Italcementi Group
  • ACC Limited
  • SIKA group
  • Ultra Tech Cement Limited

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