Amazon was leading in the list of mega renewable energy customers last year


The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) revealed through its statistics that Amazon led last year’s energy acquisition contracts, which informed the reception of 3.163 gigawatts (GW) power. The mega-company is leading the other industry leaders in the transition to clean renewable energy, amounting to a potential of 10.6 GW. The REBA Deal Tracker is a special system that monitors that monitors the deals secured by corporate entities.

The chief executive of REBA, Miranda Ballentine, stated that mega energy buyers have been leading the renewable energy market since their entry into this business twelve years ago. Last year, witnessed the companies secure 100 new agreements that enabled them to thrive through the pandemic. These mega-companies resorted to renewable energy as the primary target for thriving in an economy switching from emissive fuels. Miranda explained that the companies had noticed the crucial role that the energy industry plays in the recuperation of the economy from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

The REBA Deal Tracker monitors the agreements penned by mega-companies and gives a perspective of how these entities are switching to carbon-free technologies. Most of the companies that started pursuing this objective implemented strategy like innovative contracting frameworks, partnerships with vital industry players ranging from the local government and residents to energy developers. Another vital objective in this quest is the creation of employment opportunities for the citizens in the renewable energy plants by infusing statutes that promote clean energy.

Amazon’s vice president of sustainability, Kara Hurst, revealed that they have major investments in wind and solar energy to facilitate the achievement of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in their business activities. Amazon is charging towards the 100 percent renewable energy systems in the next four years to play their role in the preservation of Earth. Hurst pointed out that they came up with The Climate Pledge to motivate other companies to align their operations towards the achievement of the Paris Agreement targets.

REBA members have currently recorded 97% of the renewable energy contracts with the profiles of large energy buyers shifting with plausible emerging trends. The information technology (IT) industry acquired the highest capacity of energy deals, making the decarbonization of the economy an essential objective for companies. Industries and production utilities are also following this path aggressively to ensure they are not phased out. The mega energy acquisition deals featured renewable energy and battery storage technology to ensure that their units are in constant reception of electricity. The companies also worked on the optimization of the deals to ensure that they can achieve the emission reduction targets in the shortest time.
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