Apple’s suppliers are switching to purely renewable energy consumption in their activities


Apple is hopeful that they can manufacture all their products on a net-zero energy emission plan by the end of this decade. The company revealed that more than 100 of their global manufacturers are switching to 100% renewable energy per the arrangement they have made. This move will inform the activation and infusion of 8GW clean energy into their businesses.

These plans will also eliminate over 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions that would have been equally generated by over 3.4 million cars annually. Moreover, Apple is pumping its investment in renewable energy projects to reduce the emissions from its production and storage projects in California. This move will inform the development of renewable energy infrastructure to support the company’s utilities in the region.

Apple’s vice president for Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, stated that they are pushing their suppliers to adopt clean energy sources into their operations by the end of this decade. She added that this pressure had activated similar pursuits in the energy sectors of industries and countries like France, China, India, the US, and Germany.

Last year, the company rolled out its plan to become a carbon-neutral business, starting from its operations, production supply chains, and products by the end of this decade. This move made various of its suppliers streamline their operations to work towards its vision. Apple has revealed that its global corporate operations have become carbon neutral, implying that they will be selling their devices to meet these targets by 2030.

The company revealed that approximately $4.7 billion had been pumped into Green Bonds to achieve global eco-friendly projects. Apple has taken upon itself the burden of linking its suppliers to energy developers and utilities selling renewable energy to accelerate its switching rate to clean energy globally. Examples of such interactions include the DSM Engineering Materials’ wind power purchase agreement in the Netherlands and the STMicroelectronics solar carport project in Morocco. These projects will be delivering renewable energy to the company’s utilities in the named countries through the grids. This move has forced partners dealing with Apple-like Solvay to open their renewable energy joints to meet the regulations proposed by the company.

The company forces all of its suppliers to switch to clean energy and open new ventures in the countries that the company has its utilities. For instance, Apple established the China Clean Energy Fund, which has allowed China to benefit from over 1GW of renewable energy that it generates. Hopefully, such projects can help in the elimination of emissions from companies.
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