At least 17 sanitary blankets have been stolen from SMAS in Leiria since Thursday – Leiria region


Leiria’s municipal water and sanitation services (SMAS) reported today that since Thursday at least 17 stolen sanitation blankets have been identified and call on the population to be vigilant.

“The theft of sanitary blankets started this weekend, intensified during the week and, more intensely, since Thursday. Yesterday [quinta-feira] the theft of 11 blankets and six others were identified today, ”said Leandro Sousa, director general of administration of SMAS, in Lusa.

According to Leandro Sousa, the situation occurred “for the whole municipality”, from the urban area of ​​Leiria to Boavista, Milagres, Chãs (Regueira de Pontes), Santa Eufémia or Maceira.

“We are currently preparing the list of places where thefts took place to report to the police,” he said, warning that the situation “is serious”, not only because someone can fall, but also road accidents, as happened on Thursday, “only with material damage”.

The general manager of SMAS specified that each sanitation cover has a cost of around 60 euros, but that its installation or repair requires “the intervention of a locksmith and a mason”, so that the flight of each is done at the expense of approximately 100 euros.

Referring to the replacement of the caps at the places where the thefts were identified, this official however noted that SMAS “has no more caps in stock”, so he must buy.

“The only explanation we can find for the thefts is the sale of iron,” he admitted.

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On its Facebook page, SMAS warns against the situation, which it describes as “abnormal and incomprehensible”, stressing that “this act has serious consequences, because the lack of sewer cover can cause accidents on the way public ”.

“We ask for everyone’s help to be vigilant,” the message read, asking citizens that in the event of a situation being identified, contact SMAS via the telephone number 800202252.

Leandro Sousa underlined “it is important that the citizens inform, because the network is quite vast”.

“Right now we have a team doing a circuit around the county, but ultimately they may not be able to detect all the stolen blankets,” he added, acknowledging that identical situations “have already occurred. in the past”.

According to the official, in addition to the SMAS sanitation covers, “rain covers for the chamber and the joints, as well as covers for the outfall under the responsibility of Águas do Centro Litoral” were also stolen.
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