Chinese automaker, BYD, collaborates with Nexport to market its EVs in Australia


According to a report released by Australian car distributor, Nexport, the company has agreed with China’s automaker, BYD, to sell China-made EVs in the Australian market. Nexport recently announced its zero-emission car manufacturing project, which will cost about AU$700.The company is a subsidiary of TrueGreen, a renewable energy investor.

Since 2015, BYD has gradually introduced some of its electric car models into the Australian capital, Sydney. About five electric taxis have roamed the capital’s roads with an additional SUV (sport utility vehicle), Sedan, and van seen a couple of times for the past six months.

The Australian distributor will run the sales purely online for now, and we cannot expect to see a BYD showroom any time soon. “The dealership network is broken when it comes to electric vehicles. Under our model, we will be reducing the price to consumers by as much as 30 percent,” said Nexport’s CEO, Luke Todd. This strategy will cut the importation processes and deliver high-quality electric vehicles from the manufacturer directly to the customer.

“Heavy reliance on aftersales and convoluted importation processes adds unnecessary cost. By revamping these processes, we’re targeting a sale price that’s at parity with internal combustion vehicles,” added Todd. This is the first time that BYD is partnering with a third-party to facilitate the sale of its cars. Nexport will act as BYD’s right-hand market distributor in the Asia-Pacific region.

Nexport has imported BYD’s current generation fleet of EVs that are known globally. However, this is not the only fleet they will be selling to the Australian consumer. BYD is yet to release a new generation of EVs, and Nexport will exclusively launch the models in Australia before they are released anywhere else in the world. “All next-generation BYD products will feature the brand’s proprietary ‘Blade Battery’ technology and are unlike any other offerings currently in Australia,” explained Todd.

BYD will reveal the cars it will send to Australia through Nexport in this year’s Shanghai Auto Show to be held on 21st April. The new vehicles will be fully-electric. They include average-size SUVs and sports sedans. By mid-2021, Nexport plans to pre-launch the BYD brand in the country. Although the company is not opening a dealership showroom, it will set up a customer experience center where customers can grow their interest in the models before deliveries are made. This center will be in Sydney’s central business district (CBD).

The first deliveries will commence in 2022. However, as soon as the distributor launches the brand this year, car buyers can pre-order their preferred models. BYD manufactures both fully electric vehicles and hybrids. Hybrids use both internal combustion engines (ICEs) and batteries for propulsion. In 2020, BYD sold approximately 461,399 vehicles globally.130, 970 of these sales were fully-electric while 48,084 were hybrids.
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