Epidemic at Barreira with 64 positive cases among users and professionals – Region of Leiria


A Covid-19 epidemic detected at the end of November at the home of ADESBA – Association for the development and social protection of the parish of Barreira, municipality of Leiria, infected 38 elderly people and 26 employees, in a universe of 58 users and 68 employees.

One of the infected elderly, who would have other comorbidities (associated diseases), died on Friday at the institution, the LEIRIA REGION confirmed to the management, which says it cannot confirm the cause of death.

According to Luís Viana, president of the management of ADESBA, there are no hospitalized users, and some employees have already returned to service.

Emphasizing the vulnerability of the elderly to the disease and in order to try to stop new infections, Luís Viana emphasizes that the problem “is treated as if all users are infected” to protect them. “It has been our principle to try to combat the problem with the care it deserves,” he notes.

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“We are fighting a very contagious disease,” he recalls, adding that the source of contagion will not be linked to the visits since these have been suspended for a long time. Families “have helped a lot” and are informed at all times of the status of their family members.

Luís Viana also underlines the commitment and dedication of the whole team to guarantee the necessary care to users “with the dignity of always”.

“Our employees have been heroes, they are able to look for strength where they don’t have it. In normal situations, we haven’t asked people to put in the effort they make but they realize that we have to be the one to take the boat, ”adds the manager. Among infected employees and in prophylactic isolation, the team suffered a considerable reduction, which was overwhelmed by the support of volunteers and two elements highlighted through the Leiria Red Cross.

“It is not easy to treat isolated elderly people. They feel abandoned, but they are not. We try to give them all the care they need with the utmost dignity, but we look like astronauts on Mars. It is very violent for them and only those who are in it feel it. It cannot be translated into words or pictures, it is very complicated. There are users who question our measures and do not understand why we are taking them away from the family, ”added Luís Viana.

According to the official, the epidemic is limited to home care, no cases have been recorded in the home support service, teams and circuits having been separated since the start of the pandemic.

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