Fujitsu and the AutoGrid to improve the usage of renewables in Japan with a virtual power plant


When people work together, things become more manageable as we co-invent and cooperate in the different industrial fields, including the renewable energy industry. An April 6th, 2021 report shows great technology in Japan as Fujitsu Limited and AutoGrid Systems announced great plans to provide the Japanese market with a Virtual Power Plant technology. It offers a solution to maximize the usage of distributed energy assets locally and boost renewable energy expansion.

In an agreement, the company will begin offering the VPP technology to the country’s market as part of the AutoGrid partnership. What role does AutoGrid FlexTM play in the energy sector? It works on optimizing energy solutions and is in control of the country’s distributed energy resources. With this VPP solution, Fujitsu will be part of a new era in realizing an energy platform for energy providers to maximize renewable energy resources, including storage batteries.

Fujitsu intends to go further in the sector by expanding its data realization abilities and achieving high-precision, real-time, and control over the energy resources distribution and enhance the energy sector management system. AutoGrid plans to expand its energy business in the Japanese market by using its VPP solution and giving Fujitsu a chance to multi-functional utilization, supple, and distributed energy assets favorable for the renewable energy market.

The founder and CEO of Autogrid, Amit Narayan, commented on the new business venture claiming that the company intends on expanding its VPP technologies utilization in Japan through its partnership with Fujitsu. Amit stated that the company is currently aware of grid opportunities in the country. This partnership with Fujitsu will allow the company to enter the country’s market and deliver efficient, clean energy and intelligent systems. Michiaki Morioka, Fujitsu’s head of Utility Business, commented that distributed energy introduction in Japan targeted grid resiliency. Still, the time has proven how difficult it is to forecast and adjust energy supply. And VPP technologies are what energy providers need in response to the growing energy market in Japan.

The two firms have agreed to continue using their expertise to promote renewable energy and promote a sustainable society by offering stable energy resources. Fujitsu currently holds an excellent record of exceptional services and has a long-lasting partnership with customers, enabling it to become a significant contributor to creating a new energy platform. Also, AutoGrid expertise in VPP technologies globally will pave the way for this new venture in Japan.

This joint venture in the renewable energy sector is promising. Many experts predict good results in the long run, with many people looking forward to a new way to promote renewable energy adoption globally.
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