Jorge Pereira de Sampaio awarded by the Portuguese History Academy – Region of Leiria


The book “Virgínia Victorino. Vida e Obra ”, by Jorge Pereira de Sampaio, receives, next Wednesday, the 9th, the Joaquim Veríssimo Serrão Prize, from the Portuguese History Academy.

The work was edited by the Chamber of Alcobaça and published by the Association ADEPA for the defense of the heritage of the region of Alcobaça, in 2019.

This is the 40th book by Alcobacense Jorge Pereira de Sampaio and represents an ‘intensive 330-page study of the life and work of Virgínia Victorino, a writer from Alcobacense who was the most widely read woman in Portugal in the 1920s, ”says the author,“ excited ”with the distinction.

“This award honors me a lot, especially for the great friendship I have always had from Prof. Doctor Joaquim Veríssimo Serrão, who was president when I entered as an academic, in 2004 and came to Alcobaça several times to give lectures at my invitation, in the 1990s ”, Jorge recounted Pereira de Sampaio, when he learned of the prize.

“Virginia Victorino. Vida e Obra ”receives the prize, ex-aequo, for the book“ Templários em Portugal. Men of religion and war ”, by Paula Pinto Costa. The two winners will share the prize of € 2,500.

Book published in 2019

In total, the Portuguese Academy of History awarded nine laureates.

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The work “Intellectuals in Portugal in the Middle Ages. The Portrait of its greatest figures, from Santo António to Gil Vicente ”, by Armando Norte, was honored with the CTT-D award. Manuel I.

It is a prize intended to “award a work of recognized merit, within the framework of any moment in the history of Portugal”, by a Portuguese-speaking author.

The Fundação Gulbenkian Prizes, divided into three areas, distinguished the work “Identidad Insular y Espacio Atlántico. Portugal y Tenerife en Tiempos da la Unión Ibérica ”, by Javier Luis Álvarez Santos, in History of the Portuguese presence in the world, the work“ Rethinking Portugal and the idea of ​​Europe. Contemporary thought ”, by Isabel Baltazar, in History of Europe, and“ Signs of life. Cartas da Guerra 1961-1974 ”, by Joana Pontes, in Modern and Contemporary History of Portugal.

The Augusto Botelho da Costa Veiga Prize was awarded to João Luís Cardoso for the title “Outeiro Redondo – Sesimbra. Excavations 2005-2016 ”, published by the House of Sesimbra.

The work “Robes of Charity: Assistance, Poverty and Clothing in the Modern Era. The Case of Misericórdia de Braga ”, published by Edições Húmus, won the Lusitania História Prize.

Finally, António dos Santos Pereira won the EMEL prize – History of paths, roads and mobility, with the essay “Sobral de São Miguel: Brins of heritage and the Aldeã community, in Asa da Estrela, in central Portugal », Edited by Chambre Covilhã.

The awards ceremony takes place at 3 p.m. on Wednesday at the Palácio dos Lilases, in Lisbon, where the APH is located. Due to the current pandemic restrictions, the face-to-face session will be reserved for winners and donors, and should be transmitted via the Zoom platform.
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