Leiria court sentences 20 years in prison for man who beheaded his girlfriend – Leiria region


Leiria court today sentenced a 35-year-old man to 20 years in prison, charged with capital murder, for beheading his girlfriend in front of her children on December 27, 2019.

When reading the judgment, the president of the collective declared that for the decision of the sentence, “two aggravating factors” were assessed: “The fact of having acted behind the back of the victim, removing the possibility of to defend himself, and to have acted in the presence of the two minor children of the victim. “

Stressing that the main lines of the prosecution were proven, the president of the court understood that “although the accused called the authorities to report what had happened, he did not provide immediate assistance to the victim Which contributed to the woman’s death.

“Anyone who acted like you … the court had no doubt that they wanted to kill you in the presence of your children,” said the judge.

According to the prosecutor’s order, the accused, who is in preventive detention, had a romantic relationship with the victim, with whom he lived, as well as his two and six-year-old children.

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The public prosecutor (MP) reports that, at the end of the afternoon of December 27, 2019, the couple started an argument, having “entered the toilet” during the same period.

“When the offended woman was found near the bathtub with her back to the accused, the accused was caught off guard,” he said with an act X three blows to the victim’s neck, causing several injuries and “heavy bleeding and splashes of blood”.

The accused left the scene in his vehicle, leaving the victim to bleed without any help, the order said.

The MP states that the woman still managed, alone and bleeding, to crawl “to the living room, where she fell on the sofa”, dying in the presence of her children.

“Fear”, the children “hid under shelves in the kitchen, being alone with the mother’s body inside the apartment, until 8:34 pm”, when the PSP arrived there.

The suspect was to be arrested by GNR soldiers in Leiria at 22:25, on the complementary route no.2 (IC2) at kilometer 144.5, in the area of ​​Travasso, on his way to Pombal, after having been the victim of a road accident.

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