Leiria destroyed 264 Asian wasp nests in two months – Leiria region


Sapeireiros de Leiria firefighters have destroyed 264 velutina or Asian wasp nests in the past two months, Leiria mayor Gonçalo Lopes said, acknowledging that there is “an extremely high record of occurrence” in the case.

“During the last two months, we have been intensely active in the fight against the velutine wasp,” Gonçalo Lopes (PS) said on Wednesday during the municipal executive meeting, referring that “the municipal firefighters have exterminated 264 nests’ during this period.

The question was raised by Social Democratic Councilor Álvaro Madureira, who asked about the progress of the fight against the Asian wasp, stressing the importance of redoubling the work to eliminate the nests that create “a certain danger for populations”.

The mayor replied that there was “a very big effort on the part of the firefighters” in the fight against the Asian wasp and that complaints about the existence of nests come from the ordinary citizen, but also from the authorities.

Asian wasp. Prague is out of control and they approach us

“The response is relatively quick, but the level of occurrences is as follows, we are talking about an average of more than four nests per day in 60 days. This is a high level of intervention and the resources we employ are high, ”he stressed.

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At the Lusa agency, the firefighter commander of Sapeiros de Leiria, José Rito, added today, Thursday, that between January 1 and December 8, around 700 velutina wasp nests were destroyed in the town.

“Our priority is the destruction of nests in places where people are overcrowded, for example schools, utilities, housing, but we continue to work on the forest stand”, he guaranteed, acknowledging that, compared to other years, the existence of more nests in the urban periphery.

José Rito anticipates a decrease in the nests of this wasp next year, because the firefighters of Sapeiros de Leiria “use a chemical product without environmental impact which allows the destruction of the entire wasp colony”.

“It takes longer – five to seven days per nest – but the impact is greater. The wasps in this nest will be completely neutralized and will not nest elsewhere, ”he explained.

The commander clarified that the company has two elements to carry out this work on a daily basis, asking people, whenever they identify a velutina wasp nest, to contact the city or emergency services.

According to the website of the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, the main effects of the presence of Asian wasps are manifested in beekeeping, “because it is a species of carnivorous and predatory bees”, and in public safety, since “not being more aggressive than European species, in case they smell endangered nests, they react very aggressively, including chases up to a few hundred meters”.

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