“Leiria Protege” economic support program with 375 thousand euros in non-reimbursable funds – Region of Leiria


The “Leiria Protege” economic support program, intended to mitigate the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, will make 375 thousand euros available to micro-businesses, according to the regulation approved Wednesday in the chamber.

The regulation of the municipal emergency fund for commercial and commercial support “Leiria Protege”, approved unanimously, provides for aid of two thousand, three thousand or four thousand euros for micro-enterprises which have experienced a decrease of 25 % or more of billing this year compared to 2019.

Micro-enterprises with a turnover of less than 500,000 euros can apply.

Economic Development Advisor Catarina Louro (PS) explained that the objective of this measure is to support activities that have had the greatest impact due to the pandemic, with the possibility of competing with retail stores, certain catering establishments and services. Gyms are included.

“The regulation does not replace government support and is intended to be parallel and complementary aid,” said Catarina Louro, stressing that it is “a sign” that the municipality wants to give “to the traders of Leiria that the Chamber has everything. interest in maintaining activity and jobs ”.

Councilor Fernando Costa (PSD) judged the budget “frankly small, not to say ridiculous”, predicting that it “will not happen, unless many traders end up not competing”.

“To receive two thousand euros, they probably do not want to have the trouble of having to do the documentation,” he said, defending that the ceiling of this municipal fund should be “one million euros” and partial funds “at least” doubled.

Fernando Costa stressed that the PSD is in favor of all supporters, but it is unfortunate that they “sin because they are small”.

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The mayor, Gonçalo Lopes, said that at this stage to say that the budget is ridiculous, when there is no concrete data on the candidates, it is “extremely reckless”.

“We will wait for nominations,” he said, admitting to reviewing the amount of overall support.

“It is an extremely ambitious regulation, because it is complementary to all the activities that we have carried out recently, to be innovative, not to hesitate to find a new line of support to add to all the others that we have implemented throughout this year. pandemic, ”said Gonçalo Lopes.

As soon as it is published in Diário da República, which is expected to take place this month, entrepreneurs will be able to apply.

At the same meeting of the House, the municipality also unanimously approved the modification of the regulation and the schedule of taxes, which includes the possibility of exemption from taxes by means of advertising requirements, occupancy taxes of public space, parking until January 10, 2021 and land fees for the Levante fair and the textile sector of the “O Falcão” wholesale market, totaling 392 thousand euros.

“A 50% reduction in the rent of municipal spaces will also be granted, a 50% reduction in the payment of charges resulting from the use of municipal spaces for profit or commercial purposes and an exemption from the payment of charges resulting from the use municipal spaces for non-profit institutions, which corresponds to a total of reductions / exemptions from the use of spaces, for a total of 105 thousand euros, ”according to a statement.

According to the latest bulletin from the district civil protection commission, released at 12:38 a.m. today, the municipality of Leiria has registered 1,699 cases of covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, of which 409 are still active.

In the town, 1,250 people have recovered from the disease, with 40 deaths, according to the same bulletin.

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