Major growth in the UK solar capacity in 2020


A report by Solar Media Ltd shows that the UK solar energy industry experienced significant growth last week. This is because it delivered an additional 545MW of new solar PV capacity, which is a 27% increase, compared to the previous year. More than 60% of the total new capacity was from ground-mounted PV systems. The other 40% was from solar panels installed on rooftops, with most of them installed from industrial and commercial buildings.

Chris Hewett, Solar Energy UK chief executive, said that the increase shows the vital role the government is playing in the UK’s solar energy industry and is bearing fruits. He added that solar energy would allow people to access clean, reliable, and cheap power for home consumption and also for technology like electric vehicles. Hewett said that they are happy to partner with Solar Media to understand the UK’s solar revolution better.

Finlay Colville, who works at the Solar Media as the head of research, said that for now, the UK solar sector is going on well and has strong growth dynamics. Colville added that in 2021, he expects the solar industry to expand even further to reach the gigawatt-plus level. This is going to be attained since more investment is set for rooftop and ground-mount projects.

13.9GW of solar capacity was installed in the UK by the end of 2020. The rate at which solar projects were established in 2020 break the record, becoming the top year in UK solar production. In April 2020, solar energy hit 9.68GW, and in May, 11% of the total power supplied was from solar energy. Most of the solar energy generated in the year 2020 came from the ground-mount section due to the many numbers of projects installed.

The new working relationship between the Solar Medial Ltd and the UK Solar Energy comprises of the United Kingdom’s new solar PV capacity market update, which will be done quarterly and yearly, giving reliable data source to the UK Solar Energy members and Solar Medis Ltd’s online audience as well as other stakeholders who are interested in the UK solar energy growth.

Solar Media Ltd will conduct the research. It will use its market knowledge of ten years to collect data on the UK solar energy industry. The number of completed project databases will determine the UK solar energy market share, import volumes from main suppliers, accreditation lists, and cross-checking with site installers, investors, and developers.
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