Maxar is sticking to its multi-year diversification plan


According to Dan Jablonsky, president and Chief executive officer of Maxar Technologies, the company is progressing to diversify its market. However, it is still in the “early innings” of attracting further security and intelligence jobs. Throughout a business earnings call on February 24, Jablonsky stated, “It’s a multi-year path that we are on.” “Over time, we plan to gain services, and we’ve been developing our expertise to be able to cope with this.”

One of Jablonsky’s priorities since taking over as CEO of Maxar in the year 2019 has been to broaden revenue sources so that about a third comes from the commercial contracts, a third from the civil government agreements, and a third from the military as well as intelligence contracts. Maxar’s civil business has developed steadily, thanks in part to NASA science and exploration deals, such as the lunar Gateway Power and Propulsion Element.

Winning Earth-intelligence deals is another Maxar priority, as is ensuring the company’s “sustained growth going forward,” according to Jablonsky. “This implies we’ll be focusing on deploying the WorldView Legion constellation, vying effectively for the next version of the EnhancedView platform, and progressing to invest in artificial intelligence, 3D, and machine learning,” Jablonsky explained.

The analytics division of Maxar is actually rising faster than the imagery division. Imagery purchases are likely to surpass analytics once Maxar’s WorldView Legion constellation goes live. During a business earnings call on February 24, Maxar President and Chief executive Dan Jablonsky stated, “We’re power limited.” “By the completion of the year, that translates to a lot of capability.”

Maxar intends to launch the first two Worldview Legion satellites in the month of September, followed by four more satellites 3 – 6 months later. SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets are expected to launch WorldView Legion satellites. Maxar continues to produce geostationary communications satellites as the firm grows its civil and defense market, a business that Jablonsky intends to remain reasonably stable.

Jablonsky stated, “We’ll be aiming to have our good proportion of those awards.” “There are a few prospects in low-Earth orbit.” Maxar’s revenue from ongoing operations rose to $467 million in the fourth quarter finished December 31, up from $410 million the year before. Revenues grew to $1.7 billion for the year, up from $1.67 billion in the year 2019.

Maxar posted a net loss from operating activities of $52 million in the fourth quarter, compared to a net profit of $53 million in the previous three months of the year 2019.  As per a Maxar press release, “the decline was mainly motivated by a profit on the sale of the assets of $136 million in 2019 which did not recur in 2020,” which was partly offset by improved sales from the firm’s Space Infrastructure company.
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