Meeting marked by the loneliness of counselors and songs of opposition – Region of Leiria


Two councilors alone in a room and Christmas carols criticizing the budget. The unusual has joined forces with the pandemic and resumed the meeting of the municipal executive last Monday.

Chamber meetings, broadcast on the Internet, were held remotely by videoconference. Last Monday, the meeting was called at municipal facilities, but with the option of opting for the remote meeting.

Meeting transmitted online, only the CDU was registered in person

And at the start of the meeting, only two CDU advisers – who defended the possibility of meeting in person with security conditions – were present in the Resinina building, secreted by an employee of the municipality and accompanied by the team. technique that ensures online transmission.

The two MpM advisers participated by videoconference, as did elements of the majority PS. The advisers with executive responsibilities chose to accompany the meeting in their offices, in the premises near the town hall.

Lara Lino (CDU) regretted what she saw as the “lack of respect” as the majority did not warn that they would not be in person at the meeting, unlike the MpM which had warned that they would opt for videoconferencing. It would have been “useful for me and Councilor Alexandra [Dengucho] let’s fall into the ridiculous, ”he admitted, leaving the commitment to continue participating in person.

The damage, he explained, is “for the residents” who attend a “more difficult” meeting. “You are ten meters from here, in the Chamber, you have fallen into ridicule”, accused, in turn, Alexandra Dengucho, of the CDU. The counselor did not finish her intervention without repeating a musical moment.

In the chapel, using a Christmas melody, he sang criticisms of the lack of execution of the municipal budget, whose abstention by the CDU made it possible a few days before: “We chose to abstain / Because hope is the last thing to die / And so we don’t give you reason / to do nothing ”.

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However, Alexandra Dengucho’s musical number sinned from lack of originality. A few minutes earlier, Nuno Brito, adviser to MpM, had presented the musical component during the meeting. Armed with a guitar, he sang, like a Christmas message from the movement, which included the excerpt: “The Budget is finally approved / Let’s see if it will be executed / MpM disturbs / Telling the truth / But every time that you speak / Yes for the good of the city ”.

The musical interventions can be heard in minute 19 and minute 34 of the video of the executive meeting held on 12

The musical moments again brought some smiles among the socialists, and applause from the opposition. Socialists Carlos Caetano and Célia Guerra explained that participating from a distance was an option, but Cidália Ferreira, president of the municipality, did not respond to objections raised by the CDU.

However, criticism of the unusual musical performance emerged. In a subsequent intervention, the mayor ended up expressing some doubts about the “respect” to which MpM lends itself when “comes to the guitar at a House meeting to sing the Happy Holidays”.
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