Outbreak with two dozen infected people detected at home in the municipality of Porto de Mós – Region of Leiria


Nearly two dozen infections have been detected by Covid-19 at the home of the Cruz da Légua Welfare Association, in the parish of Pedreiras, Porto de Mós.

According to Jorge Vala, mayor of Porto de Mós, the epidemic at the home of the institution currently has 19 confirmed cases. Of the total of cases already known, a dozen are professionals who provide services to the establishment, along with the remaining users.

However, according to the mayor, the results of the tests are not known to all the professionals of the institution, unlike what happened with the users.

“Professionals we still do not have the result in its entirety, users yes, they have all been tested”, declared Jorge Vala to the municipal deputies, during the session of the Municipal Assembly which took place in the night. from this Friday 4.

“We will test again, next week all users want positives rather than negatives,” he added.

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Without news of serious cases as a result of this outbreak, the mayor of Porto de Mós said several measures have been taken to deal with the situation, including the provision of rapid tests and the disinfection of the interior and exterior spaces of the establishment.

The proximity of the recent epidemic in a house in Minde, in the neighboring municipality of Alcanena, also worries the municipal authorities of Porto de Mós.

“We are suffering a lot and we are still suffering from the impact of the house problem in Minde, because we have a large number of users in the establishment and also professionals. We have professionals from the parish of São Bento, Mira de Aire and Alvados e Alcaria, ”said Jorge Vala.

The absence of a health delegate in the municipality was highlighted by the mayor of Porto de Mós, who admits that currently the monitoring and surveillance of suspected cases of Covid-19 are much lower than those recorded during the first wave .

This situation “makes us very concerned,” he said. “I recognize the tireless work of public health professionals in Leiria [que atualmente prestam apoio ao concelho] and do their best. But in five municipalities in the region, three do not have a health representative and this cannot be done, ”he added.

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