SSE Renewables partnership with Acciona for a joint venture in the emerging offshore wind alliance


SSE Renewables has signed up an exclusive agreement with Acciona to venture into the emerging Iberian offshore wind market opportunities. This deal is targeting Spain and Portugal. It is a 50:50 deal that involves developing, constructing, and operating offshore wind and other renewable energy sources. Why Portugal and Spain? These two countries have set a net-zero emission target by 2050; hence they are working hard to achieve this goal. Besides, Spain and Portugal are the leading countries in Europe regarding the capacity and potential of renewable energy.

The current administration of Spain, via the ministry of energy plans, establishes and publishes the country’s offshore wind strategy by the end of the year. This new partnership between SSE and Acciona includes working together and exploring offshore wind markets beyond Spain and Portugal. In a recent announcement, Jim Smith, SSE managing director, spoke about their excitement to join the Acciona team.

He also spoke about the benefits of this partnership since it will give SSE Renewables a chance to deliver the team’s expertise in offshore wind markets. Besides, it is a way to help both Spain and Portugal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. He also spoke about this partnership to build its excellent wind energy pipeline past Ireland and the UK.

There were also positive remarks from the Acciona team where the CEO, Rafael Mateo, spoke about this partnership to improve the products. For years, the company has successfully become a leading global onshore wind and photovoltaic technologies company. With this partnership, both companies will rise beyond their current status. Rafael explained that this step is natural and forward in the company’s dream to deliver high-quality alternatives of clean energy solutions. This joint venture will help Acciona and SSE Renewables to take a huge step forward for a brighter future.

In recent times, the energy sector is one of the trending industries all over the world. This fact is no surprise since the planet is working on a net-zero emission target and the biggest threat to achieving this dream is the energy industry. With this fact, many governments are working on healthy means to deliver clean energy and not pose any danger to the climate. The offshore wind sector is gaining popularity, especially all around Europe. Various companies are venturing in the energy sector as a joint venture for an easy, fast and convenient business. As a result of that, they are share resources and deliver high-quality products at a rapid rate. Acciona and SSE renewables join many other teams working towards the same goal. If this will turn out okay is something time will unveil.
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