Surfing is allowed again on the north beach of Nazaré – Leiria region


Surfing in Nazaré returned on Monday 14, to be authorized, but only on weekdays and until 1 p.m., determines a dispatch from the Porto da Nazaré captaincy which revokes the ban that had been in force since early November.

The order of the captain of Porto, Zeferino Henriques, specifies that, as determined by the health delegate of the Group of Health Centers (ACES) Oeste Norte, the practice of “ free surfing ” and “ towed surfing ” ‘is now authorized (where a surfer is towed towards the wave by a jet ski) in Praia do Norte, “only on weekdays, between sunrise and 1 pm”.

The ordinance revokes the ban which had been in effect since November 4, based on a negative opinion from the health authorities, alleging a danger to public health in the context of the covid-19 pandemic, due to the number high number of spectators who flocked to Praia do Nord on October 29, when giant waves were recorded.

The mayor of Nazaré, Walter Chicharro, congratulated himself for “this solution put forward by the captain of Porto to open the North beach to” surfing “and to surfers of big waves”, but, in statements to the agency, Lusa lamented that “the Directorate General of Health (DGS) has not yet ruled on the emergency plan that the town has submitted”.

The Nazaré Chamber presented to the DGS, in the first week of November, an emergency plan proposing to condition all access to assistance zones, to avoid the concentration of the public and to guarantee the rules of control of the pandemic. of covid-19.

Covid-19: the Nazaré harbor master’s office bans surfing in Praia do Norte

The emergency plan, drawn up in collaboration with civil protection, volunteer firefighters, the PSP and the port authority of the port of Nazaré, provides for the restriction of the public attracted by the giant waves to “a maximum of 2,500 people, spread over the area. from the lighthouse, on the hillside and on the beach itself, ”said the mayor.

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At the time, Walter Chicharro explained that the plan restricts access to the beach to just “three points, with cumulative and real-time counts, while city officials, maritime police and police officers PSP will patrol the entire public area, in order to enforce the rules in force ”.

The mayor also admits the use of private security, “so that the forces of authority are available for inspection and law enforcement tasks”, as well as so that the municipality “bears all the costs involved” .

As part of this plan, the Chamber is still making efforts to ensure that “the next ‘towing’ sessions are broadcast ‘online’ on the platforms of the municipality, so that the connection to the world is not broken.”

After the presentation of the plan, the health authorities “sent a battery of questions, to which the Chamber has already answered, although they are related to the safety of surfers at sea, while the device proposed by the executive is only for an intervention on earth “.

“I would expect that having answered all questions about two weeks ago, DGS had already sent a response on whether or not it was possible to ‘surf’ in Praia do Norte during the period of the giant waves.”

Since early November, the waiting period for the Nazaré Tow-in Surfing Challenge – a World Surf League (WSL) event that runs until March 31, 2021 – has been running, with surfers waiting for giant waves to form.

“WLS has already admitted that the event can be played without an audience, but knowing the interest that comes from big wave days, even without competition, the Chamber is ready to activate the plan at any time and ensure safe conditions for spontaneous surfing, ”concluded Walter Chicharro.
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