Surrey will be rolling out 40 electric vehicle charging stations


The coming years will witness Surrey developing numerous charging station. All three governance levels have agreed towards the development of the 40 electric vehicle charging stations, with the construction activities commencing effectively. Ten community centers will have these 40 dual point charging stations, with some being spread over to the recreation centers, pools, and other public places. All three levels of governance have vowed to support the project financially. The federal government will provide $274,054, the province $228,356, and finally, the city will offer $182,727.

The federal minister of infrastructure and communities, Catherine McKenna, stated that the project would facilitate Surrey’s transition and neighboring communities to clean energy vehicles that minimize the emissions coming from the transportation sector. She added that she had visited the area, and the transportation sector is the most active since people travel to work and visit the neighboring areas. Therefore, introducing electric vehicle charging stations in this area would be appropriate since it would ensure that the people switch to the eco-friendly transportation mode, which is the use of electric vehicles. Moreover, the charging stations would be available in community centers wearing the range anxiety that would have impeded the vehicles’ uptake.

Additionally, installing electric vehicle charging systems near recreation centers would allow people to recharge their electric vehicles while having fun in the recreational centers. Surrey’s Mayor Doug McCallum explained that the development of these public charging stations would allow the residents to switch to electric vehicles and stimulate economic development. He added that his city had prioritized climate change mitigation with the likes of this electric vehicle project demonstrating how the city is becoming active in implementing other strategies. McCallum confirmed that work would commence on these charging stations after they take up the required resources. Experts anticipate the completion of this project in the next four years.

Additionally, the broad access to charging facilities will counter the residents’ grievances, including the unavailability of charging infrastructure to purchase electric vehicles. A report established from the City of Surrey electric vehicle webpage, the city runs 33 charging stations. McCallum announced that future plans would establish another 79 charging stations in the city to support the pressure from consumers who would be operating these vehicles. Finally, all these projects and strategies will place Surrey’s city among the proponents of clean energy and motivate its neighbors to follow suit.
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