The expansion of the Camporês business park in Ansião is the biggest investment of 2021 – Leiria region


On a budget of 12.9 million euros for 2021, the town hall of Ansião (CMA) will invest 1.89 million euros in the expansion of the Parque Empresarial do Camporês. This is the biggest investment in the document approved at the Municipal Assembly last Friday, after being given the green light at the executive meeting on November 23.

In a press release, the municipality of Ansião also explains that 2.1 million euros go to social functions, an area that covers social action, education, culture, sports and spatial planning. . Of this amount, the largest amount is allocated to education (535 thousand euros). Social action accounts for 144.3 thousand euros, culture 437 thousand euros and sport 347.5 thousand euros. The budget also provides for 302,300 euros for tourism and trade.

The municipality also plans to invest 900 thousand euros in an energy efficiency project and 1.5 million euros in the recovery of roads and paths in six parishes of the municipality. “The documents reflect a balanced budget and affirm the economic, fiscal and social policy which guided the mandate,” said the CMA.

The municipality believes that “lower the IMI and Derrama rates to a minimum and not introduce this tax in 2021” represents less revenue for the municipality’s funds.

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In total, 1.9 million euros are expected to be of the magnitude of the impact. And in a year that will still be to fight against the health crisis, the chamber has a social emergency fund worth 100,000 euros.

The funds transferred to parish councils are expected to reach 290,000 euros next year, “the biggest transfer ever made by the municipality to the councils”, guarantees the municipality.
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