The government reiterates that it will apply the hand brake if necessary – Leiria region


The Assistant Secretary of State for Health said today, during a visit to Leiria hospital, that the government would not hesitate to apply the handbrake if necessary due to the development of the covid-19 pandemic.

António Sales stressed that “the government took the right measures at the right time and the Portuguese understood it”.

“It is obvious that if there is a need, depending on the framework and the context, to apply the handbrake as the Prime Minister said, obviously the government will not hesitate”, guaranteed the minister.

The Secretary of State, who visited the hospital where he was an orthopedist for several years, added that “the government will seek to balance what is the control of this pandemic and what is the psychological well-being of the Portuguese” .

The official of the socialist government did not put forward what measures could come out of the next council of ministers, admitting however that any decision will take into account “the whole world not only in terms of deaths, but also in terms of hospitalization and pressure health services ”.

António Sales visited Leiria hospital, accompanied by representatives of the hospital and the municipality Photos: Joaquim Dâmaso

António Sales also stressed that there will be more or less restrictions on the “behavior of the Portuguese”.

“We have made a constant call for what should be individual behavior and collective consciousness. The individual behavior of each of us will be decisive in what will be our collective success. This Christmas is not like the others. The Portuguese, for sure, will realize that to have other Christmases and other end of the year with our families, we must protect ourselves this Christmas and follow the rules and advice of the Directorate General of Health ” , did he declare.

According to the Secretary of State, the covid-19 figures in Portugal are in line with expectations. “We have a declining curve last week, albeit with a high incidence and number of deaths. This was what we expected due to the week peak of November 20th. That’s what our technicians told us, ”he said.

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By the end of the year, Portugal are expected to surpass 2,100 fans, António Sales also revealed.

“We had 1,142 and we practically doubled our response capacity for mechanical ventilation. It is important to say that we have accompanied with the strengthening of human resources, because the fans alone do not work. There are about 240 [ventiladores] which are still being evaluated at the level of the current service, because it is not enough to arrive, it is necessary to be certified and evaluated to see if everything is working fully.

António Sales also visited the district rear support structure, installed during the Leiria seminar.

“We are prepared for the worst and hope for the best. We have around 25 rear structures in the country with a capacity of around 1600 beds. These structures have met the needs. If we see that we need more rear structures, we will be able to create them, ”he said.

Regarding the arrival of emigrants during the Christmas period, António Sales said that he expects from them what he expects from all Portuguese: individual responsibility.

The Secretary of State was an orthopedist at Leiria hospital for several years Photos: Joaquim Dâmaso

And he reinforced the appeal: “We need to have fewer people at home, ventilated spaces, be masked and properly spaced. Families need to understand that they need to protect the most vulnerable. “

The covid-19 pandemic has caused at least 1,612,297 deaths resulting from more than 72.1 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a report by the French agency AFP.

In Portugal, 5,649 people have died of 350,938 confirmed cases of infection, according to the latest bulletin from the Directorate General of Health.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected at the end of December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China.
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