The last phase of the project for the north summit of the Leiria stadium – Leiria region has been approved


The last phase of the project for the Leiria Stadium North Summit was approved on Wednesday, December 9, during the executive meeting, becoming eligible for requests for community funds until the end of the year.

The project, which includes the creation of the Leiria Business Center and the Municipal Association Center, was approved with favorable votes from elected officials of the PS and abstention from PSD advisers.

La Câmara de Leiria explains, in a statement, that the decision comes after, in April of this year, “an amendment to the basic project was approved in order to provide it with the infrastructure that makes it attractive for investments in the field of news. technologies. , a space which will also host an arts and creative industries center ”.

In the area that will be occupied by the Leiria Business Center (CNL), the interior facade of the stadium has been modified to allow viewing of the lawn and the creation of a leisure area.

The CNL will “install an essential technical floor to allow the installation of technology-based companies”, specifies the municipality.

The north summit will also include an arts center with a floor for dance, another for music and a final for performing and visual arts.

In the nascent tower, the tax administration, according to Leiria’s chamber, has retreated into the alienation of the space and is going to rent it out, in an area smaller than initially planned.

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With these changes, the project to build the north summit of the Leiria stadium “now has an estimated cost of € 12,995,262.29, plus VAT”.

“This investment, in addition to attracting investment, creating businesses and creating jobs, will generate financial returns for the municipality by renting spaces to businesses that set up there”, explains the municipality.

PSD reacts to the investment in the project

“A slippage with obscene value”, this is how the councilors of the Leiria Chamber elected by the PSD react to the investment in the project to execute the north summit of the Leiria stadium.

In a press release sent to editorial staff, the advisers affirm that “the enormous slippage is of the order of 75%”, affirming that the investment would initially be “maximum of 7.5 million euros, plus VAT” .

In addition, they affirm that “an economic study to support future uses has not been finalized, nor any type of management / exploration has been defined” of the space, recalling that this was the “justification used for the suspension of the Multiusos roof ”.

PSD advisers believe that “it is very unlikely that the project will be less than 15 million euros” because of “the materials and architectural solutions chosen”.

In conclusion, they also consider that “it is a substantial change compared to the initial project, which in this period of pandemic shows a lack of modesty, since this question deserves a public discussion with the inhabitants of Leiria”.
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