The municipality of Leiria rejects the transfer of skills in health and social work – Region of Leiria


The municipality of Leiria rejected, during the Municipal Assembly on Monday, the transfer of powers in the areas of health and social action, because all financial and financial commitments are not yet guaranteed.

The mayor of Leiria, Gonçalo Lopes (PS), explained that the municipality “will never refuse support, above all, to primary health care, through the collaborations it maintains with the group of health centers Pinhal Litoral, in which is aid to the various health centers ”.

According to the mayor, “there is still work to be done to identify all the economic and financial commitments resulting from the transfer of skills”.

Gonçalo Lopes also recalled that, “in the Center region, made up of 100 municipalities, only 11 accept this decentralization of powers”, specifying that next year he hopes to accept it.

The mayor explained that the reasons for “non-acceptance” in the field of social action “are identical to those of health”. “The negotiation process must be transparent, all the information we have is not enough,” he said.

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Municipal MP Pereira de Melo (PSD), whose bench voted against the rejection of the transfers, said the municipality “has not done everything in its power to clarify the doubts and does not justify the rejection” .

The Social Democrat and doctor Rui Passadouro also recalled that next year, we will “reach the post-pandemic period, which will be a new challenge for health care but also for hospitals”.

“If we don’t accept it, we will have a hard time getting quality health services. It is about accepting or not a challenge, ”he added.

For the social democrat João Cunha, “it is necessary that certain competences be transferred to the municipality so that, more closely, the interests of the populations are safeguarded”.

“It is strange that in the social democratic fields of public activity, such as health and social assistance, the chamber refrains from assuming responsibilities of proximity to the populations. In other areas it is able to invest heavily in resources and in these crucial areas there is a minimalist attitude, ”he said.
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