Tita opens the F side with the number 8 national team jersey – Leiria Region


The first two women’s jerseys bearing the number 8, including one from the national team, are already at the LP8 Museum – Jerseys with history, in Leiria.

This is the new “chapter” of the project which has been bringing together football shirts from all over the world for several years and which has now understood that it is time to open a space dedicated to women’s football, the Side F.

Again, the quantity does not matter, but the history associated with it, either by the way it was made or by the owner of the jersey.

Luís Paiva, the main face of the project, received the double offer from Ana Filipa Lopes, “Tita”, as she is known, which brought an additional bonus, the yellow jersey 77 of Cadima, where she started playing the soccer.

“This is the first and the only one I have used,” he guarantees. “I played there for five years and that’s when I got to the national team. He drove the van, picked up the players for training, and studied. I did three workouts a day: I ran in the morning, before going to school, I went to the swimming pool at noon and, in the evening, to train. It was only in this way that I was able to keep pace with the other players who also went to the national team, ”he said.

He offered the jersey he wore when he went to the national team, also with the number 8, but without a name on the jersey. “Five years ago, women’s football shirts didn’t have a name. It’s something recent, two, three years. Now there is already the name of the player but there is still no name or date of the match as in men’s football, where every individual always has someone, for the moment, to print the shirts ”, he explains.

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Currently playing in Condeixa, in the North Series of La Liga BPI, the midfielder, 31, also presented the jersey with the “lucky number” of the Coimbra club, signed by all the athletes.

Surprised by the size of the museum, Tita is ready to help spread the message, in order to widen the ‘corner’ dedicated to women, but she says it will not be an easy task, as there are still many differences between both sexes.

“All the athletes will have the greatest pleasure to participate, they may not have anything to give. I want to believe that, in the feminine, that’s just the problem. Having a jersey for a player like Chiquinho is easy, he gets one a week. We receive one, maybe two per season and, naturally, the offer ends up being for the family, ”he explains.

In his first year playing for Benfica in 2018, he received two shirts, both nominated. But being in a big call doesn’t mean facilities. “It was 40 minutes on foot for training and then the same on the way back. Nobody knows, ”he finally revealed.

Luís Paiva received from the medium Tita, from Condeixa, the first two women’s shirts of the Museum with the number 8, one from the national team and another from the Coimbra club which plays in the North series of the National League I. And again 77 from Cadima, the first club he played at Photo: MG

So far, among the iconic shirts of Lampard, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rui Patrício, Falcão, Nani, Robinho,…, only two at the LP8 Museum are women. Both belong to the international Sílvia Rebelo, player of Benfica.

“Women’s football is more and more important and we also want to spread the word about reality. We know that new teams will appear next season, and this gives the opportunity for this new team, the F side, to reach even more athletes, ”explains Luís Paiva.

At the same time, the network that supports the Museum comes together in a book where all the adventures of collecting shirts, the trips made and the photos to formalize the delivery, indicate Leiriense, 47, who recognizes that it is already missing ‘space. to accommodate the hundreds of shirts on display at the LP8 Museum.

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