Two strategic Signings sees ATLIS Motor Vehicles enter partnerships for manufacturing Electric Vehicle battery and packs


Atlis Motor Vehicles (ATLIS), via an announcement from the Company, led to a realization of two signed strategic partnerships. The startup technology company talked about the signing of two memorandums. These partnerships revolve around the development of battery packs and electric vehicle battery cells.

With Media Tech’s help, a South Korean-based tech company, ATLIS, will have an adequate supply of necessities. These necessities include the design, manufacturing, development, installation, and calibration of the machinery. All these essential things are machinery comprising the electrode assembly and formation. With Media Tech’s contribution, ATLIS can comfortably develop the prototype battery cell that the Company hopes to achieve.

The second partnership involves collaboration with Greatech, a Malaysia based Company. Unlike Media Tech, this partnership serves as the strategic partner of ATLIS. It deals with the development of the battery pack production line. The Company will deliver all the equipment and parts that ATLIS upcoming prototype battery pack requires.

ATLIS aims to develop a fully electric vehicle platform, battery cells, and battery packs, not to mention the necessary charging systems. The charging infrastructure aims to create a 500-mile range recharge battery systems that take at most fifteen minutes. These two partnerships with Media Tech and Greatech are vital in the new battery and pack creation. Why not when the companies have the experience and capacity necessary to manufacture, develop, and the project’s essential equipment for the project.

In his announcement, ATLIS CEO Mark Hanchett claims that the Company has already successfully come up with the design, development packs, and the tests are complete regarding the project. He talked about their next step, which involves small-scale production of the batteries in the Company’s Arizona facilities. Mark also went ahead to explain why they signed partnerships with Media Tech and Greatech.

Media Tech has a history of 20-year intensive research and production experience. Not to mention the Company’s ability to scale production at a fast rate. As far as Greatech is concerned, it is the world’s leading provider of automated solutions and has a stable battery pack production experience. Hanchett explained how both companies are perfect for both the business strategy and timeline.

Suppose both companies meet the expectation of ATLIS when it comes to performance and quality. In that case, they will come together to explore the development of millions of battery cells and hundreds of packs monthly. Greatech CEO EK Tan also spoke about how they are excited about the new partnership with ATLIS Motors. The public hopes to realize a new battery technology by ATLIS soon.
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