U.K. Trial demonstrates the importance of smart charging in E.V. adoption


In a recent report, U.K Power Networks stated that energy providers have to learn how to adapt to individual areas’ needs. This claim follows after the popularity of electric vehicles rises in the United Kingdom. A U.K trial of the innovative charging incentives concluded that many the electric vehicle owners on the trail often shifted their charging to off-peak. This fact is one of the main faults for reducing demand on the network when it comes to its business.

The shift project is working under the U.K. Power Networks. Also, it has solid partnerships with Kaluza, Octopus Energy, and ev.energy. This trial put into consideration over 1000 domestic customers. The project is a clear indicator that smart charging needs to be accessible, especially during this electrifying move. The process should be well-trusted and straightforward to make sure that a lot of people participate. From the trial results, innovative charging products need to revolve around a good design that meets customers’ preferences and behavior.

There are currently 102,000 EVs connected to the U.K. Power Networks in London, East of England, and South East London. This figure is simple since it is working on serving the United Kingdom. And that is where the anticipation comes of the rising number of more than four million in this decade.

In the trial output, customers preferred to enroll in various smart charging products that achieve great results at off-peak times. From a reliable customer survey, statics show that 80% of the customers on Octopus Go Faster reduced tariff rates to operate other devices in their homes. Customers who opt for automated innovative charging products have the power to boost their battery charge at all times. This trial ran for a year. And in these twelve months, experts discovered that automated charging products accounted for at least 6% and at most 30% of the energy going to E.V. Charging.

However, when it comes to the level of boost, the results were different. It ranged from individual customers throughout the trial period. You learn that the type of customer and the smart charging you use will determine the boosting feature from the charge. Studies indicate that as the demand for intelligent charging grows, the price and incentive have to change to reflect these cases.

Head of Customer service in the U.K. Power networks stated about the upcoming move to electric vehicles. He spoke about the responsibility of making sure that customers can charge their cars. Nick Wooley, CEO of ev. energy talked about the role of smart charging. Also, he highlighted the importance of the current partnerships to come up with the best strategic market plans.

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